Property Styling: Why It Is A Must

Picture Source Property styling has changed its connotations over the years. Previously, property styling was restricted only to the fact […]
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31 January 2020

What Plants Can You Keep Indoor?

­­­­ Image Source   Indoor plants have to be one of the most important components of interior design detailing. Plants […]
Published by
31 January 2020

Space-Saving Storage Tips from Barbara Genda Furniture

In today's world, creating and maintaining an organised, clutter-free home may sound unachievable to most. But one way to keep […]
Published by
22 January 2020

How to Create a Luxury Bedroom on a Budget

Home design is something which, as a rule, we all consider to be quite an expensive art. If it looks […]
Published by
17 October 2019

How to Make a Makeup Vanity Unit

So you’re probably already here because you’ve been wanting to get started on your latest piece of furniture.  Perhaps you’re […]
Published by
1 July 2019

Open Plan Bedroom - Popular Design Trend

Perhaps we made a mistake not including this bedroom trend in our Popular Bedroom Renovation Ideas article, but the idea […]
Published by
4 February 2019

Top Bespoke Furniture Trends This Year

In the previous year, influencers and fashion designers displayed excellence, magnificence and incredible talent within the interior design sphere. The […]
Published by
14 November 2018

Popular Bedroom Renovation Ideas

Often bedroom renovation remains neglected by many, while they focus on the rest of the house. However, a bedroom is […]
Published by
6 November 2018

Popular Current Interior Detailing Trends

Annually, there’re new emerging and electrifying interior trends to be implemented in a home for improved redecoration. Ranging from a […]
Published by
3 November 2018

Popular Bathroom Renovations Ideas

The bathroom is one place where you can de-stress after a long tiring day. Having an aesthetic, warm ambiance in […]
Published by
2 November 2018

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