India Mahdavi: top interior designers 2020

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8 September 2020
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india mahdavi Tabouret

You may have seen these super cool tabourets floating around in certain fashionable designed places. You can see that india mahdavi has designed a totally fun modern version of this table stool. It can be used as a table or stool, really the options and possibility is up to you. 

india mahdavi Paris

Mahdavi currently resides in paris, which is where she grew up for a time in addition to the us and germany.she was born in 1962 which makes her 58 years old currently. 

india mahdavi Rugs

She also designs rugs which are hand knotted and honestly they look absolutely amazing. The garden of Eden rug is available in different colors and styles and I think it looks amazing. 

india mahdavi Table

A personal favourite of mine is the fish table, this table is made from bent pieces of bamboo to resemble the topt shape of a fish . Which is great because it is pretty sustainable, light and looks great . we hope that you agree. She also has a series of landscapes that are incorporated into the table tops with bright, bold eye catching colours. We love this look personally .

india mahdavi Sofa

You may have seen some sofas that India has designed. The amazing charlotte sofa, as well as oedipe they are so stylish,dw which is what makes them great as well as that the bold colour choices never fail to impress. We can say all we want but they are much better to be seen in the flesh. 

india mahdavi rug
india mahdavi rug

india mahdavi jelly pea sofa

This is a brilliant example of flair and original creativity. We love the jelly pea sofa because it is so fun and comfy looking . it looks like it is the perfect thing to lay back and enjoy watching a movie or reading your favourite book.

india mahdavi Sketch london

Now you might have heard that Sketch london is an arts venue as well as a restaurant. Because it doubles as a p[lace to showcase interior design, India was approached by the owners of Sketch in 2014 in order to revamp the interior.

It is now the most instagrammed restaurant in london, and has earned many awards  with its unique pink design. We love it! The pink just transports us to a dreamland,and must make for excellent dining experience. this makes Madhavi one of the most famous interior designers in the world.

india mahdavi Chair

She has such a great range of chairs , including the more rattan and bamboo style cap martin, the best friend, afro chair and more. Of course seating is so important to design, so the fact there is a range here really makes designing easier, as well as super specific designers. 

She also does armchair design, including botero which pairs well with the jelly pea sofa, as well as the oliver and other variations of cap martin. 

sketch london
sketch london

india mahdavi Charlotte chair

I love this design, so retro. As well as this this is the chair that is featured heavily in sketch london. Super durable, comfy and a statement, all rolled into one! We love this and all of India mahdavi’s designs. We hope she does a lot more in the future. Unlike designer kelly hoppen, she embraces minimalism and fun, which I personally love.

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