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31 January 2020
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Kwikstage (Quick Stage) Scaffolding Review

We have had to utilize scaffolding companies in the past when doing extensive exterior renovations for clients and have came across various methods. We have often had to explain the the customer the extent of the work and the resulting increase in cost and so thought it would be a good idea to place it as a post for future reference.

Occupational hazards make up a major portion of hospital visits worldwide. It may come as no surprise that the industry contributing the most towards these visits is the construction industry. Booming cities and rapid expansion call for more and more construction sites to go up. This, in turn, calls for several safety operations to be implemented.

Safeguards and regulations have been implemented by concerned authorities and several safety products have been designed. Of these products, the most well-known would be a scaffold. Scaffolding is essentially a frame made up of aluminium, timber, or steel. The various components are attached in the manner that follows the site's architecture. 

Scaffolding is used at construction sites primarily to ensure worker safety when working at elevated heights. The workers place themselves on this scaffolding structure and secure themselves when going higher. These systems are of numerous kinds, but they work on the common principle of ensuring safety and strength.


Kwikstage (Quick Stage) Scaffolding System:

Kwikstage scaffolding systems (read: quick stage) are speedy scaffolding solutions used at construction sites. Their entire design follows an easy pattern of setting, usage, and dismantling. The quick set up allows for saving money, time, and workload. Kwikstage scaffolding systems were introduced following rapid urbanization. Construction crews were met with shorter deadlines and larger projects.

Kwikstage scaffolding is often referred to as a modular system. Safety experts and contractors refer to it as a simple, but versatile grid. The framework is formed by an adaptable framework or fastener-free braces. This system is not solely used to erect houses or large scale buildings. Anywhere from house painting and air conditioner installation to building construction, calls for the Kwikstage framework.

By modular, the scaffolding system is said to incorporate various single components that join together flexibly. They can be used in any construction site without added appendages or equipment. Single components are easier to carry, stack, and transport while also being cost-effective. The braces and brackets join together to attach any loose components. Hence, the Kwikstage scaffold stays in place and has a stable vertical alignment.


Basic Components of Kwikstage Scaffolding Systems:

The Kwikstage scaffolding systems come with four major components. Namely; standards, ledgers, a basic jack, and hook on boards. Besides the basics, there might be other components added by construction crews to increase flexibility and adaptability according to various sites.

Having far fewer parts than traditional scaffolding systems makes the Kwikstage scaffold highly efficient. Not only in its use, but also in its cost. As a construction site manager, you will be saving money on workload and also ensuring safety.

  1. Standards:
    Also referred to as uprights, standards are the vertical tubes that support the weight of the entire structure. They are made to rest on the basic jack. Their design calls for heavy load-bearing and adaptability. Standards come in several sizes. Anywhere from light 500 to up to 3500.
  2. Ledgers:
    Ledgers are horizontal tubes used to connect one standard to the other. Along with the standard, the ledgers make up the basic design of the entire scaffold. They come in several sizes. 600, 900, 1000, 2500 and 3000 are the most commonly used ones.
  3. Basic Jack:
    At the base of the structure, we have the basic jack. This forms the very foundation of the entire framework. The ledgers and standards are made to rest on the basic jack. In effect, the basic jack serves the same purpose as the foundation of a house.
  4. Hook on Boards:
    The kwikstage scaffold is made to elevate workers to heights whilst also making sure that their work is not compromised. Hook on boards has a no-slip surface. They are attached to the ledgers to form a working platform.


5. Diagonal Brace:

Diagonal braces are used as supporting structures to make sure that the scaffold tower remains stable.


Uses of a Kwikstage Scaffolding System:

  1. Easy and Efficient Set-Up:
    Kwikstage scaffolding, as the name implies, is faster than the traditional system in erecting your site's basic framework. It takes comparatively fewer workers to form the scaffold and ultimately do the job than with other scaffolding systems. Hence, you not only save money on time, but you also save money on labour.
  2. Simple Use:
    Erecting the framework takes a minimal amount of time and even less effort. Four horizontal brackets can be attached to a single pressing in one swift move. Kwikstage scaffolding is much more flexible in its use and can be used even on uneven surfaces. The product is both versatile in its use and safe too.


3. Adaptable To Any Site:

Kwikstage systems, or quick stages, are designed in such a way to adapt easily to different sites. Different sites call for different situations and different situations usually call for different equipment. With the kwikstage scaffolding system, you can adapt to any site and situation without new equipment.
The basic components of the scaffold are enough for any site. However, a few appendages are available for the crew's own needs or want.


4. Multipurpose:

When first introduced, kwikstage scaffolding was marketed to serve centre bays and shoring floors. However, the system has the added benefit of being moulded in several shapes making it adaptable to any site or situation.

  1. Safety:
    Construction crews are being contracted on an almost daily basis. This might be due to the rapid industrial boom in cities. However, with added workload comes added costs. Recall the very beginning of this article and you will see that some hospital visits were reported particularly while working in construction.
    Safety comes first. No matter how big or small the job is. Kwikstage systems are flexible but sturdy and they are adaptable, but pressure bearing.
  2. Cost-Effective:
    Kwikstage scaffolding systems are very cost-effective given the versatility in their use and the limited number of appendages.



Quick stage or Kwikstage systems, are versatile scaffolding systems intended to be used to elevate workers to heights. Construction crews are often met with several hazards given the limitations of the equipment. More equipment calls for more money, more manpower, and more energy. Understandably, not everyone can afford the costs. However, even more, pressing is the safety issue.

Thus, kwikstage scaffolding systems act as a simple and effective solution to meet any construction need. The system is, nevertheless, not limited to be used in construction. They can be used to paint houses or install fixtures. Anything that requires height.

Are you a construction crew manager or do you own a construction company? Instead of investing in one-time use only equipment with hefty manuals and thousands of parts, get a kwikstage scaffolding system today!

The quick stage scaffolding system is a one-time buy that will save you loads upon loads of money in the long run. Think of the machinery as more of an investment than anything else. Get your hands on one today and start working your way up to the top.

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