Famous interior designers in world 2020?

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7 September 2020
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Yes, as with any profession there are the experts in that field. There are also Famous interior designers. This too is the case for interior designers and it is the case for famous interior designers. They are very much in demand at the moment,and sought after.

How interior designers get famous?

Well, naturally there are a lot of ways to become famous. Many designers have come to notoriety from their designs. If you design something amazing in this day and age, it is bound to gain traction.  In reality it is more likely who their connections are, and who they have designed for. We can even see from the past that if you design for fame, or the high up members of society you are more likely to get noticed, and famous from that.

They also come into popularity by writing books about interior design or even being on TV. 

Who are Italy's most famous interior designers?

Milan is a stylish city as we all know, so naturally it will have a lot of interior designers. In addition, Italy itself is somewhat the birthplace of chic and cool. So let us find out more about Italian designers and what some of their signature styles are. 

Who are Italy most famous interior designs today?

You have probably heard of some of Italy’s famous designers. For example I have a few that i have picked out so we can learn more about famous Italian designers. 

Paola Navone

Navone was born in Turin, she has worked with many different designers in the past and has a lot of different styles and disciplines. She has many passions and many high flying clients. 

Paola Navone furniture 

In addition to interior design, she also has designed furniture . this often happens when it comes to interior design, sometimes the item you know will fit perfectly, will not actually exist, thus you need to design it yourself! She has designed some fantastic low lita armchairs and love seats. Paola Navone Sofa are totally funky and original looking. 

Paola Navone Dinnerware is also lovely and crisp looking. For example she uses a lot of the colours that bone china, but in a completely modern way .Paola Navone generally works now in Milano, though she originated in Turin. Check out some of her designs that are lovely !

Dimore Studio

Welcome to this amazingly lavish interior design that is from the dimore studio Milano. They have carried out residential projects as well as retail, hotels and more this is amazing Dimore Studio Collection.

Fabio Novembre

Fabio novembre is another Designer you may have heard about. Fabio novembre furniture is some of the most vibrant and fun you have ever seen, he does a lot of chairs and sofas. Fabio novembre studio is super fun and also has been 

fabio novembre
fabio novembre

Who are the most famous interior designers of all time? 

So, some of the most famous designers of all time are perhaps the ones that have designed the most iconic buildings of all time. For example, Lady Parish who designed the white house. In addition to this if you are still thinking Who are some famous interior designers ; think about who you may see on tv… for example a dragons den entrepreneur and very successful book author Kelly hoppen. She has made a career in good design, and has designed for royalty and more. 

If you are looking at more acclaimed designers, look no further than India Mahdavi. She has won the most instagrammed restaurant award in London, as well as being in the interior design hall of fame which is super impressive and a testament to her wonderful designs.

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