Complaints Procedure

Submission Details:

Kindly furnish comprehensive details pertaining to your grievance, inclusive of pertinent documents or corroborative evidence.

Acknowledgment Procedure:

Your complaint will be acknowledged within two business days, accompanied by the designation of the representative overseeing its resolution. Should the complexity of your complaint necessitate an extended resolution period beyond ten working days, an interim status update will be provided.

Complaint Examination:

Your grievance will undergo a meticulous review with the intent of achieving a prompt resolution. Depending on the nature of the issue, potential resolutions may encompass refunds, credits, replacements, or alternative remedies. The ensuing communication will delineate the resolution and subsequent actions.

Feedback on our resolution approach is invaluable, aiding in refining our procedures.

Resolution Timeline:

Our objective is to address grievances within a span of 10 working days from their receipt. In scenarios where this timeline is unattainable, we will engage with you to elucidate the reasons for the postponement and proffer an amended schedule.

Complaint Escalation:

Should the provided resolution not align with your expectations, we invite you to reach out to Aneesha Dudley at Amory Brown via She will undertake a comprehensive review to determine any additional measures requisite for an expedited and mutually agreeable resolution, ensuring utmost confidentiality throughout.

Documentation and Review:

For internal reference, we will maintain a record of your grievance and our subsequent response for a minimum duration of six months post-receipt. Our leadership team periodically assesses all grievances to identify patterns and significant underlying issues. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering unparalleled service to our clientele and employ all feasible measures to address their concerns promptly and to their satisfaction.

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