Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit When Renovating in London

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16 October 2020
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Let’s just be clear right from the get-go. Whenever you’re doing a major renovation of your house, and there will be a lot of construction work, it is IMPORTANT that you rent a storage unit and send your items to storage. In this article, we discuss the benefits of renting a storage unit when renovating.

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One of the biggest rookie mistakes that you can make when you are renovating ore remodelling a section or your entire house is by keeping all of your items inside. This can result in some dangerous situations not only for your items but also for your workers. Moreover, working around large furniture and boxes would mean extra work.

storage unit for renovation
storage unit for renovation

Storage units are storage spaces that you rent ranging from 10 sq ft lockers to as massive as 200 sq ft rooms. Homeowners use storage units to declutter their houses and get rid of any non-essential items and give their house some much-needed floor space. Newcomers to London rent self storage to provide themselves with some time to get settled in before they have to unpack. Businesses in London rent out storage units and turn them into the company depository for their excess stock, office furniture, and company files.

4 Uses of A Storage Unit

The storage unit is very versatile. Searching for storage space in London is easy. We are all aware of the space problem that London is currently facing. Due to overpopulation, space has become a limited resource. Millions of residents are competing for valuable space. Downsizing has become a trend to save money. As such, the self storage industry has come to the rescue.

Here, we outline the common uses for storage units in London.

Storage Unit

When you rent a self storage unit, it can be just that, a storage unit. Instead of living in a cluttered space or giving up their belongings, Londoners just store them inside their units. According to data from Fantastic Removals, usage has skyrocketed in recent years, making it more valuable as slots are taken in advance.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Station

Storage units can also be remodelled to act as a drop-off and pick-up centre for e-commerce stores. With this feature, business owners of small online shops don’t have to keep their items inside their houses.

Office Depository

Companies often rent storage facilities to keep their excess stock, office furniture, and company files. Office space is quite expensive in London, so the smart thing to do is to just keep all items unnecessary for daily operations inside a storage unit.

Home Office

Residents in London that don’t have a garage also use their storage units as some sort of home office where they can pursue their passion or hobby. Keeping power tools inside the house is too risky, and more often than not, there’s not enough space. It’s not rare to see a storage unit turned into a workshop for carpentry, painting, or even sculpting.

            There is a fifth use: temporary storage. When you’re remodelling or renovating your house, the entire process would be made easy when your contractors are working with a blank slate, meaning that your house is entirely empty. Below, we discuss the benefits of renting a storage unit when you’re remodelling your flat.

Reduced Worker Costs

When you remodel, most contractors are paid by the hour. Your bill can instantly rack up when you have large furniture spread about the room. Because they have to skirt around your items, the amount of time ti takes to finish a construction project could double. What was supposed to be a three-day project of incorporating a Kelly Hoppens design into your flat could turn into a five-day hire!

storage unit in london
storage unit in london

You also need to consider the difficulties your contractors will face when they have to walk around eggshells around your furniture. Even a simple paint job is made extremely tricky when there are loads of obstacles present.

Safety of Your Items

Also, take into consideration the safety of your items. If you’re still wondering why you should send your items off to storage for the duration of your remodelling process, ask yourself this:

How many small accidents happen during construction? Workers drop nails, hammers, paintbrushes. Hands slip, and a wooden plank falls, or a tile crashes down.

All of these are not much of a concern in an empty room. However, when you have your mahogany furniture just lying around while your roof is being repaired, it will be. Don’t leave your furniture and other items in the way of danger. Even if you put a tarp over them, heavy objects fall. You can end up with scratches or worse, irreparable damage when you don’t.

Safety of Your Workers

Aside from the safety of your items, you should also consider the safety of your workers. It would be irresponsible of you to provide them with an unsafe working environment. Working in a cluttered space could lead to accidents and other mishaps that could otherwise have been prevented. More than 500, 000 patients are admitted to hospitals each year just because of ladder-related injuries, almost 300 of which result in fatalities.

Home Security

You’ll have strangers coming and going all the time when you’re remodelling your house. You can’t exactly monitor everyone with all the stuff that is happening during a renovation. It’s best to keep all of your valuables inside a secure location instead of having to worry every minute of the renovation process.

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