How to incorporate kelly hoppen designs into your home

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8 September 2020
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Kelly hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is an interior designer. She was born in cape town, south africa but has come to popularity and fame in the uk and beyond. She started interior designing when she was 16 years old and she designed a friends kitchen. Since this time she has designed for celebrities and built a successful franchise, she has also written a lot of books, and appeared on dragons den for a time. she is now one of the most famous interior designers of all time

Kelly hoppen net worth

It is estimated that kelly hoppen is worth around £5million pounds.

Kelly hoppen interiors

Kelly is known as the Queen of Taupe. This Kelly hoppen Design is because she loves neutrals, her interiors are muted grey and low mood browns. This neutrality leaves us feeling calm, relaxed and the space open. There is so much to be said about these natural colours. They make us feel as if we are in our natural habitat, and therefore calm, relaxed and chilled out. This being said,many people shy away from using these colors, as it can so easily look bad or wrong. Kelly hoppen does this well and one can see from some of her interior design projects that there is something so refined and elegant about the usage of colours in design. 


Kelly hoppen partner

She is not currently married and does not have  a partner.

Who is KH married to ?

She is not currently married, however she did used to be married to Graham corrett and Edwin miller. 

Kelly hoppen Furniture

There are a few items of interior design based furniture products that you are able to buy if you are interested. For example bedding and other design aspects such as tables , side tables and coffee tables. Which is great if you want an idea of what your home would look like if it was designed by this world renowned designer! 

Kelly hoppen Wallpaper

In addition to the furniture design, she also has a brill amount of wallpaper available, in taupe patterns and more, you can find this style of geometric paper at b and q or online retailers worldwide, she also a range of disney wallpaper which is super fun and cute for those looking for a pop of fun in their interior design.

Kelly hoppen Books

To add to the interior designing and being a celebrity, she also takes time in being a book author in interior design, and teaching people the art of interior design. 

queen of taupe
queen of taupe

Kelly hoppen Home

Where can I buy Kelly Hoppen paint?

You can buy Kellys brand ‘perfect naturals’ from places like amazon, and other home retailers. In addition to this you can also find it online if you search for the perfect natural s renge

How old is kelly hoppen

Born in 28 july 1959, currently makes her 61 years old in 2020 which makes her a similar age to another famouns UK designer, india Mahdavi.

How to install kelly hoppen wallpaper

As with a lot of wallpaper, it will either be the paper, or the wall wallpaper. I believe the majority of the paper is pasted on the wall, and therefore, I regard it to be kind of easier than the former. With the wall, you literally mix together the wallpaper paste which will be super gluey, and then get a wallpaper paste brush. Then simply make sure your walls are prepared, and smooth. Then you can get to work and make a start on pasting the wall. You can be very generous with the amount of paste you use on the wall, then measure your paper and stick it on. This will be a relatively quick process and it really leaves things looking great. 

Kelly hoppen : how to achieve the home of your dreams

This is a brilliant book to achieve the home of your dreams. It has great aspects of Kellys distinctive style including the colour palette, and more. This impressive array of design in one book is a testament to Kelly Hoppen the designer as well as what ideas you can get from the book. This book is  a great intro into interiors design

How to incorporate kelly hoppen designs into your home

Well think , what needs to be changed? If it is a matter of space. Think about colours first . Is it just an illusion? Perhaps putting some taupe neutrals up on the walls will combat this. If this is not the case then you can continue and think about certain aspects of the furniture as well as the decor. Maybe you can swap out some boring pieces for an amazing looking piece. Who knows really it is up to you but know that KH has some great ideas to learn from. 

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