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History of Amory Brown

Even from its initial starting day, Amory Brown has prided itself on creating beautiful bespoke furniture and spaces for any styles of home to the highest quality at an affordable price to those who are as passionate as we are about their interior.

Amory Brown has grown its team to over 30 members, each person evolved specialises in a key area of interior design, whether that's creating shabby chic furniture or ambient interior kitchen lighting; this shows by the many awards with have come to accumulate over the years we have been active in the industry.

Now a household name for many living in the local area, Amory Brown will go on to creating beautiful spaces for any kind of home, giving the homeowner a gorgeous place to live and laugh with their friends and family.


Aneesha Dudley

Aneesha Dudley, one-half of the founders of Amory Brown has a serious passion for interior design, and when we say interior design in a general form we mean it. Weiss has notably stated that he can not just go down one part of the interior design as he loves every aspect of it too much to choose and to stick to one specific sector.

However, don't let his wide range fool you into thinking he is some form of a designer who is okay at everything but great at nothing. Aneesha Dudley  has some serious skills when it comes to interior design and is usually the project manager of any work we can take on if he isn't away busy with something else.

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Meet Our Talented Design Team

From Bespoke Designer to Interior Stylists, there is someone on our team who is going to be the perfect match when you're looking for someone to help you with your dream renovation or new house decoration. As this is a game of trust, here is some more details about our hard working staff members, so that you can get to know a little more about them before you allow them to transform your home.


Marc Kramer

Bespoke Furniture Designer

Whether you're looking for a quirky sofa for your lounge area or a fluffy bed for your personal haven, Marc is the one.


Kerry Stubbs

Lighting Expert

Kerry is our expert in lighting, instantly knowing what style of lighting the room needs as soon as she enters.


Blane Ridley

Lead Bedroom Renovator

Whether you're looking to update your modern or French antique personal haven, Ridley will know just what you're looking for.


Lily-Anne Mcculloch

Bathroom Renovation Expert

If you're looking to update the furniture in your bathroom or simply the decor which exists within, Lily-Anne will be your perfect match.


Shirley Ferry

Project Manager Turnkey Services

Being the Lead Project Manager, Shirley oversees all turnkey projects, ensuring they are created at the highest quality.

Now that you know plenty about our team and founders as well as a little history on how we have developed over the years of being active, it is time for you to hear about the award-winning services which we have to offer.

Above is a list of SOME of the services which we have offered to our wonderful customers other the years and we continue to do so. We offer flexible pricing for those who may want a large package and do not intend to pay up front, as well as discounts for returning customers.
To hear more in-depth analysis of what these services entail, please feel free to check out our 'Services' page or click on any of the specific services to be linked there!

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