"What's in store for those who use your services?"

The interior scheme will be an evolution of our client’s existing tastes and personality, as well as an injection of new ideas, bespoke detailing and stylish pieces.

Ultimately we are offering high quality services that will be able to transfer any interior, regardless of the current style or the one you wish to achieve.

Whether thats in the way of adding some fresh lighting to your  home or injecting your furniture collection with something a bit more stylish and a lot more up class than the orignal pieces which you may already feature in the home.

Below is a list of the services which we offer and what you can expect once you hire us to transform your home.

Award Winning Services

Interior Detailing

Our interior detailer will be able to transform any hope with their choice in paints and wallpapering’s, complementing it with the best accessories for your personalised style as well as adding input of their own, offering you a more evolved look on the designs that you're already in love with.

Many people believe interior detailers are somewhat of a 'Jack of all trades, master of none' kind of people, which may be true for many other companies but for ours, well you couldn’t be more wrong on this assumption.

With a total of 129 years of experience between them, our interior detailers will be perfect for any big or small job you have in mind, whether you want to enhance your home or welcome a whole new look throughout, these are the team members you're going to want to be a part of your project.

Bespoke Furniture

Whether you're looking for a spectacular piece for your lounge area or you're looking for a decorative piece that is going to be able to bring out the most in your personal haven, then our Bespoke Furniture services are going to be just what you need to help you make those crazily unique ideas a reality.

Each member of the design team which works on the Bespoke Furniture have worked on over 1500+ projects combined, making them some of the most experienced staff members of our team.

Now you may thinking how can you possibly convey your wacky and totally out their furniture design to one of our designers, well...we admit it might take some time, a lot of back and forth negotiations but we our services we have one great guarantee many don’t offer...

We will not sign your project off as complete until you are 100% satisfied with the result, no matter how many days, months, revision and negotiations it takes us, we will not stop till you are happy with what we have created together.

Interior Lighting Design

We understand finding the perfect lighting for your home can be complicated, whether that’s trying to match the furniture and decor pieces you already have, replacing old out of date lighting that features a great source of light already or starting from scratch in a home you haven’t even had the chance to even think about how you want the finished look to look like.

Whether its wall lighting you need or perhaps ceiling lighting to create a more focused feel, perhaps to show off some beautiful furniture or to emphasise a key area in your home like a dining table or comfy chair in the lounge; our designs will be able to follow your wants and needs and help produce something that you are 100% happy with, working in unison with you.

So, if you're looking for a way to decorate your home and add some compelling light that will be able to bring out the best in your favourite areas, then our lighting team will be just who you need. With a combination of over 1000 projects completed between the 15 of them, our talented members specialize in many different areas - from French antique design to modern rustic.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are one of the most neglect places in the home, not because people don’t maintain them, they probably are the cleanest in that sense. But from an interior design point of view, they are left for years if not decades with the same style of tiles, practical decor such as shelves and basket and even the same toilet and bathing station - such as baths and showers.

People are often hesitant to spend their hard earned money on upgrading them bathroom, rather than a place which is lived in such as your lounge, dining area on the various bedroom spaces. Which is understand, however the bathroom still needs to match up with the rest of the home so that it does not look out of place, this is crucial when you come to sell the property

After saying all this, we understand that many people have no idea what their bathroom should actually look like or what current trends are taking over the market; and that’s exactly why our Bathroom renovation team are the perfect people for any bathroom project you are fearing to begin. Taking into account the type of furniture and decor you feature in your bathroom and any other room, our designers will be able to finally bring back that neglected room back to the 21st Century and create a relaxing space that you can relax that will be as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Bedroom Renovations

If you read the service before this about bathroom renovations, you'll know we stated that bathrooms are one of, if not the most neglected room in the entire home. Here we have another space, which is completely on the other end of the scale and that is the Bedroom which is probably the most, however most probably contested with the lounge, the most valuable part of the home where residents spend most of their time and in turn spend most of their money.

And because of this we can totally understand how much pressure you can put on yourself i you’re looking to create a beautiful space that will also be somewhere where you want to spend your day as well as your resting time in. This can be an uncomfortable scenario for people who have no idea what they want to do with such a valuable area of the home, but that’s why we are here to help.

Whether you're already featuring antique French furniture, modern or even a combination of both we have the best designers in the industry that will help you to create a space you can fall in love with that will also be a practical space for you to spend your days and nights.