Elegant Window Furnishing Styles for Your Home

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31 January 2020
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A window is a connection with the outside world. I would even say that windows are the eyes of your home with which you see outside. Consider yourself lucky if the view that opens from your windows pleases you and makes you feel calm and relaxed. With these eyes, you see the beautiful world around you, be it living or non-living things. To make your living space look more beautiful, you can decorate your windows with elegantly styled shutters. These shutters will improve the look of your plain windows and make it look more classy and decorative.

Following are some elegant window furnishing styles to make your home look beautiful:


1.    Lighting

Lighting plays a big role because it significantly affects the aesthetics of the room. When planning the design of a room, first determine how much light enters through the windows during the day. See the direction of the sunlight when it enters the room then decide where the windows will be placed.

According to the window placement, you will decide how to decorate your windows.

One thing you should note that cold and transparent light penetrates through the north-facing window, while sunlight pours into the south-facing window throughout the day. It is good if the bedroom is east-facing as it will be illuminated by the rays of the rising sun in the morning, making the view of a new day more joyful. For those who like to lay in bed, most likely, blinds or shutters will be required.

It is also important to decide whether you want to enhance natural light by letting in as much light as possible, or whether you prefer diffused light for a softer atmosphere. By selecting the color and texture of the materials that you will use to decorate the window, you are sure to find the right solution. Do not forget to check how the selected window furnishings will look in daylight and artificial lighting.

2.    Large Window

If the room has a large window located centrally relative to the wall and the room itself, then, of course, it is more reasonable to beat the whole situation around it, arranging the furniture accordingly and decorating the window with asymmetrical lambrequin and drapery. Stained glass is always a very bright element of decor, well suited for such windows. Plantation shutters in Sydney are one of the trendiest styles for windows.

3.    Odd Shaped Windows

Odd shaped windows are the characteristic of unique houses rather than apartments. It can also become the main decoration of a room if their design is deliberately changed.

It is very rare, but it also happens when in one room the windows or the window and the balcony door are at different heights. In that case, adding the curtains will hide the fact that the windows are not in alliance with the balcony height.

4.    Decorating Windows in the Bathrooms

The windows in the bathrooms are always an interesting detail, and it is advisable to drape them with a long transparent fabric through which light will penetrate, and will also provide you privacy. You also have the option to install shutters outside the window or hang blinds at the front and close them for the night.

5.    Decoration of Windows in the Stairway

The windows in the stairway can be of various sizes. Usually, these windows are covered with curtains or blinds. If the shape of windows is small then it's easy to cover them up. Now with the elegant window furnishings, the stairway will look elegant and beautiful.

6.    Georgian Style

He became the basis of the traditional English style of decorating. Anyway, he had a great influence on the decoration of our homes. He is characterized by the splendor of proportions, symmetry, and harmony.

Window curtains - scalloped or rolled, mounted on a carved and gilded wooden cornice. It is not difficult to make a modest curtain of muslin on your own, which is going on one side. The colors of the fabrics used at the beginning of the 18th century earned the epithet “dull”: pea, green, gray, beige, light brown, dusty pink, gray-green. An interesting fact is that during the time of George I, bright shades of paint could cost four times more expensive, and therefore were used very sparingly. Gradually, the fashion for brighter colors came into effect - pink, blue, bright yellow, combined with an abundance of gold.

7.    Victorian Style

If you pay attention to the middle of the 19th century when the time came for industrialization: the production of furniture was put on stream, and it became cheaper and more affordable for the general population to own furniture. The Victorian-style was determined by a large amount of furniture in people’s homes. There was much use of curtains and drapes in richer and darker tones.

Even artificial lighting could not make the interiors brighter. Often lace was used: this delicate material surprisingly harmoniously coexisted with velvet, leather upholstery, rugged treasure style storage chests, dark furniture, carpets and an abundance of trinkets, which were decorated with tables, display cases, and shelves. The decoration motto of that time: “the more, the better.”

8.    Modern Style

This style came in the last decade of the 19th century, and its main idea was to let more daylight into the rooms and get rid of unnecessary things. At that time, few were capable of such revolutionary ideas! And after all, such a change in the approach to their interiors is not the first time to be traced - after the excesses of the end of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau style has again become relevant and popular.

When designing in this style, rare materials were hardly used. For example, oak in the manufacture of furniture, floors and panels, windows were decorated minimally – attention was paid to the window itself, and not to its frame. Lambrequins were flat and simple in design. Sometimes the fabric simply gathered and attached to a smooth wooden cornice. The emphasis in the design of the windows was on vertical lines, so the length of the curtain reached the floor, and grabs were not applied.

To use this style now in the window design you do not need anything complicated: the curtains should not attract attention, the fabric for them is plain or with a stylized pattern, smooth silk or linen curtains, a wooden or metal curtain, a simple lambrequin. The color palette is light: various shades of white, orange-pink, gray-green, lilac. And black, which is also considered the color of.


9.    Art Deco

For the first time, Art Deco came into fashion between 1920 and 1940. The name of the style was in honor of the exhibition of decorative art, held in Paris in 1925. Its basic principles are the purity of lines, ethnic elements and the absence of architectural decorations. Art Deco showed abstract forms, polished to a luster of the surface, rounded outlines, and the movement of cubists created favorite motifs for paintings, fabrics, and carpets.

As for the windows in the Art Deco style, their design will not be difficult for you, everything is extremely simple, a piece of fabric drapes around a regular round cornice. Or a simple wooden pelmet that closes the top of the curtains will become an alternative to the textiles. Or use wide-panel blinds.

10.American Colonial Style

This style was the result of mixing various traditions and cultures brought to the continent by immigrants from Europe, as well as local materials and color.

A typical version of curtains in this style is simple muslin or plaid curtains on hinges, dressed on a regular round wooden cornice. The role of the curtains can be played by installing shutters at the windows, that emphasizes the atmosphere of colonial America. Scalloped blinds or curtains made of satin, silk, taffeta or brocade, possibly with a lambrequin - a typical window decoration in this very homely and majestic style. The color range of textiles for curtains ranged from light pastel to complex dark colors.


Style is a reflection of your taste and not the embodiment of momentary fashion. Hopefully, with the help of the above tips, you can style your windows according to your taste and preference. Make sure that the style of shutters,  blinds or curtains you chose to decorate your windows match the living space. The color of the walls, furniture, and furnishing should be well coordinated.

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