How to Use Plumbing Tape In Multiple Ways

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5 July 2023
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Called by other names such as Teflon tape, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and plumber's tape - the plumbing tape is considered a plumber's best friend because of the multitude of uses it serves. Generally, it is used to seal pipe threads. Yet, do you know that there's more to the plumbing tape than just this purpose? The rest of the article will give you insight into how to use it in multiple ways.

Providing lubrication to threaded connections absent of built-in rubber seals.

Assembly and disassembly of pipe joints are facilitated easily with the use of plumbing tape. To do this, wrap the pipe tightly with the tape, ensuring that it is in the proper direction. When the line is whirled into the fitting, the mating thread will provide the friction necessary to tighten the plumbing tape onto the pipe. You'll need to wrap the tape around the line in the reverse direction of how the pipe will turn into the fitting.

They are preventing leaks on most kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

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It is frustrating when leaks happen in the kitchen or the bathroom. They disrupt the ordinary activities conducted in these spaces. The use of standard tapes and sealants would not prove to be successful after a few hours or days. Instead, it will cause you to scout for ways to prevent the water from escaping the pipings and fittings. So it is when plumbing tapes prove to be very useful and efficient. A few wraps of the tape around the leaking part ensure to seal a stop on it. Rest assured that you can have peace of mind that leaks won't occur for long until you decide to change an entire line.

Uses in other industries

If you think that the plumbing tape is for the plumbing industry only, you might be surprised to find that it has become flexible enough to become a valuable tool in other sectors. This section will let you know more about plumbing tape and how to use it in different industries.

The plumbing tape found uses in other industries because of the tensile strength, low-friction, and hydrophobic properties. For example, in the automotive industry, a similar material is found on windshields and door seals. In the fashion industry, the material gives clothes the water-resistant feature that makes several brands high-end. Would you also believe that the material used in plumbing tape is also the same material used to reduce friction in skis and snowboards?

The versatility of the material known as Teflon, used in plumbing tape, will undoubtedly continue to evolve to a product manifesting multitudes of uses for years and decades to come.

Colors of plumbing tape

The versatility of plumbing tape and how to use it are well-symbolized by the variations in colour. In addition, the colours are reflective of the grades assigned by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).

White tape implies single density. Therefore, it is very applicable to water pipes. However, a variation exists in silver, grey or black which is more suitable for brass and stainless steel thanks to it being thicker and heavy duty. On the other hand, the yellow colour indicates that the tape is of double density, making it suitable for gas and fuel lines.

Triple density plumbing tap exists as a red variation. These are suitable for pipes that are one-half inch to an inch. Commonly, this variant is used for large-jointed pipes like water distribution pipes. Lines carrying oxygen are best kept away from leaks by green-coloured plumbing tapes.

Advantages of using plumbing tape

When looking for plumbing tape and how to use it, you will weigh the benefits it brings to users. The primary advantage it gives is anchored on its name, being able to provide users a tool that is very crucial for safety and that is concealing leaks. Often than not, many household owners would tend to forego the fact that leaks are safety hazards. Instead, they usually resort to do-it-yourself measures, implementing solutions to fix leaks using inferior types of types.

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Plumbing tapes, because of their water-resistant characteristic, is also beneficial in reducing friction between two pipes. However, fusing them can prove very difficult, especially if there are no rubber seals built on them. Yet, by wrapping the opposing pipes properly with the plumbing tape, they can be held together firmly, not just by binding them together with the tape but by becoming the medium for the opposing pipes to be assembled and disassembled faster.

Choosing the suitable plumbing tape

Using the plumbing tape should not be confined solely to the hands of plumbers, because more often than not, it is the household owners who typically embark on fixing the plumbing. But with multiple kinds and brands available in the market, choosing it becomes problematic. So, how are you going to select the suitable plumbing tape for your household plumbing needs?

Knowing the sizes of the pipes in your kitchen and bathroom can help you purchase the correct variant to stock. In addition, it ensures that you're not empty-handed when situations already call for their use.

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It is also imperative to correctly associate the plumbing tape colour with the pipe it is intended for. The colours of the plumbing tapes serve as clues as to which substances are flowing or running onto them. Therefore, please do not use a particular plumbing tape colour for which they are not intended. In addition, it eliminates possible problems related to not being able to withstand the substrate pressure.


Plumbing tapes are equally essential tools as with other kinds of plumbing tools. However, knowing the characteristics, types, advantages, and appropriately used contribute a lot to being self-educated on why they are essential and why there is a need to have them available at once when specific pipes in the house need servicing.

Performing regular checks on the plumbing pipes and fixtures is an essential thing to do. When doing this, always arm yourself with plumbing tape to ensure that you'll be able to conceal leaks as soon as they are found.

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