How to Make a Makeup Vanity Unit

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1 July 2019
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So you’re probably already here because you’ve been wanting to get started on your latest piece of furniture. 

Perhaps you’re replacing something that’s a little outdated, looking for some popular bedroom renovation ideas or you've just moved to a new place - and you’ve got a blank canvas to work with.

Whatever the reason, it isn’t uncommon for people looking to make their own furniture, they are able to cut certain costs whilst learning something new and picking up a new skill in the process.

In any case, let’s not get sidetracked, after all, you're here to find out how to make a makeup table and is it worth the elbow grease and tears that are going to go into this thing.

Building a Makeup Vanity

Making a makeup vanity won’t be easy, you’re going to need plenty of materials, ideas, and a problem-solving brain to overcome this upcoming bedroom interior design trend - fitting in perfectly with the Open Plan Bedroom trend.

Nonetheless let’s get into building a makeup vanity, answering common questions like; where should you put your homemade makeup vanity? Is a wood makeup vanity the best style? Is a DIY bedroom vanity exclusive to just the bedroom or can it be used elsewhere?

But before we get into the building process (which is going to be different for the both of us, unless you follow along with my design) we’re going to need some inspiration on the best girls makeup dresser from sites like Pinterest and Google, so that we can get an idea of what a great DIY vanity makeup table looks like.

DIY Vanity Ideas

The best vanity design is objective, it depends on what we are looking for in our dressing table, there can be many different reasons. 

Sometimes we just want them for design and other times we need them to improve our morning makeup routine, that's where makeup vanity with lights come in.

You’re going to have to go ahead and go find some DIY makeup desks you like, but here are some homemade makeup vanity ideas that helped me out when I created mine;

Mirrored Dressing Table

Now, I know what you’re thinking “there's absolutely no way this can be accomplished by the everyday person” and you might be right. 

But, what inspired me by this piece and many other mirrored pieces of furniture is that they are quite bold, very bold in fact. 

What we can take away from this when we go about adding a DIY makeup vanity set to our interior, we shouldn't be afraid of having something that's a little more out there, like this mirrored dresser shows.

DIY Pallet Makeup Vanity Set

Even more adventurous is this makeup vanity set which has been created by old pallets. Certainly, an idea for any who is all about saving the planet and doing their part, this style of makeup table DIY is certainly got something unique about it. 

This will come in as great inspiration once we’re thinking about decorating our own vanity DIY set, showing us that sometimes going quirky and bold can still be beautiful in its own way.

DIY Small makeup Vanity

This is a perfect example of a do it yourself Vanity since the designer has used the space they’ve got absolutely perfectly, making the area work for them and allowing this unit to become a decorative and practical part of their bedroom area.

Finishing off in a clear white paint color, which works wonderfully with the tallboy next to it, this makeup desk DIY unit isn't as bold as the previous two I’ve shown but it works perfectly if you’re looking to add functionality whilst wanting to complement the interior.

How to make a makeup vanity unit

Great, we’ve got our inspiration and the idea in our head ( hopefully drawn down in some shape or form so that there are no headaches), as well as the sorts of materials we’re going to want to use. 

Now I understand that we both are going to be using different materials for our DIY vanity makeup unit but I want to list my materials just below this piece anyway, so you can get an idea of what you’re going to need (and hopefully it’ll give you even more inspiration to be creative once you find out what I’m using!)

Do It Yourself Vanity Unit - Things I Used:

Just to reiterate my last point; you’re most definitely going to use other materials than what I’ve listed here, at the very least this serves as a sort of guidelines so that you know what you need when you’re getting on with your own makeup vanity and perhaps this list will help to spot anything you may have overlooked.

  • 2 Drawer Pulls - Decorative depending on what style you’re going for
  • Drawer Slides - So you can slide the drawers properly, duh!
  • Plywood - This depends on your measurements, so get yourself as much as you’ll need
  • Wood Screws - Helps to blend in with the design, assuming you’re using wood
  • Brad Nails - Again, depends on what you’re doing but useful if you’re looking for some cheap, long and thin nails that aren’t going to damage the wood.
  • Wood Glue - Useful if you don't want your dressing table to fall apart!
  • Paint stirring stick - whether that's a proper wood paint stirring stick or just a bit of old lumber

Creating Your DIY Makeup Desk 

Like I’ve already said, it’s going to be hard to give you a guide on how to create a DIY makeup vanity since we are both going to have a unique finish, based on the ideas/research we had done previously

However, guiding you through how I have done it, I am instead going to link to you a video of someone creating their very own DIY makes tables over on YouTube. This way you are able to see some of the thought process as well as what they do first so that you can truly understand how to build a makeup vanity in your very own home.

Before you get skeptical about how good this video is, it was one of the first videos I watched when I wanted to create the look of an expensive makeup vanity but had no idea how to go about doing it; so give it a watch!


Just before you go ahead and watch that video, I’d like to ask you to read on, since there are many other things you’re going to want to consider when it comes to even having any type of homemade vanity desk in your bedroom area; from organizing to adding decoration.

Decorating Your DIY Vanity Table

Homemade makeup vanities are great and all, as long as you treat it like a normal vanity set. What I mean by this is that you still need to properly decorate and ‘complete’ the design of your dressing table. 

It’s hard to tell you exactly what you might be missing because this depends on the makeup vanity, the interior its entertaining and just how much time you have on your hands (some of these missing pieces can be solved with DIY and time or your own money.)

Homemade vanity tables are almost a great excuse for you to go wild with your decoration and add even more unique pieces that align with your bold personality.

Vanity Organization - DIY

I know this was meant to be a guide on DIY vanity makeup tables but every good makeup desk needs good organization or even having one would be considered to be a waste of time, since they are there to help your life aesthetically and practically.

How to make a homemade makeup box to help store your makeup essentials

Homemade makeup boxes seem to be all the rage these days, perhaps because it's so cheap to create, fun or even because it does the job at no real cost. 

Whatever the reason is, having a DIY makeup organizer shoebox to help you organize your morning routine essentials is something we all need at our fingertips.

These simple little things do well to compliment any kind of DIY makeup table since you can create them exclusively to your needs.

Here are the essentials, although a lot of it is up to you;

  • A Shoebox - You’re going to have to use what you’ve got but make sure to get a size based on how much you’re going to need storing.
  • Decorative items - From glitter and glue to string and wool; whatever it is you’re going to be using, make sure it matches up with the design of your DIY makeup vanity set.

DIY Makeup Organizer Cardboard Storage

A Cardboard organizer is always handy since you can customize them into whatever you need, adding storage pockets for more brushes or just a larger area to dump all of your other necessities inside.

Similar to the shoebox design, you’re going to want to create something that is going to fit your needs, so create something larger if you need the spade or something smaller if you don't have much when it comes to your makeup essentials.

However do not forget, when creating this cardboard storage you need to take into account the aesthetic style and overall design of your DIY vanity set since you’ll have a set style and space to work with you’re going to want something that fits these needs too.

Makeup Magnetic Board

Moving on slightly away from the DIY theme, a makeup magnetic board is another great way for you to organize your vanity unit. 

Now obviously this board won’t be on your vanity unit, but that's why it's perfect since you are able to free up space whilst bringing your home even more decoration. 

Helping to clear up space on your DIY makeup vanity and allow it to be a less cluttered space that enables its design to be appreciated even more.

I don't have my tips on how you can properly utilize this board since honestly, I’ve just found about it for the first time myself, but it appears that its a sort of organization tool as well as one that can be used in a decorative manner.

So make sure to think about this when you’re adding one to your own personal haven.

Other Things To Think About

Beyond the creation of your makeupvanity and organizing your makeup, there is a lot more that goes into having a makeup vanities in your home.

For instance, there is the lighting to think about, the decoration and of course not to forget the seating. But that’s something you’re going to want to tackle on your own, since there are many different ways you can go about doing this, and since everyone is going to be unique I can’t really give you any proper guidance on it.

However let’s get into the ultimate question, one we set out to accomplish at the start of this article

Is it worth it to create your own DIY Vanities?

I’d say yes.


Well, furniture and the interior design itself is all about creating a look that shows off your own unique personality, and what better way of doing that than creating your own furniture for a room you’re going to spend most of your free time in.

But if we get deeper down into the logistics of the whole planning and design process, there is a lot of time that goes into it, not to mention the stress that it brings.

So, I’d say if you’re a little creative like me, you’ve got plenty of free time on your hands for research and creation purposes, then I’d more than recommend that you create a makeup vanity that is unique to you and only you.

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