How to Create a Luxury Bedroom on a Budget

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17 October 2019
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Home design is something which, as a rule, we all consider to be quite an expensive art. If it looks good, then it must cost a lot of money to achieve. But, this isn’t necessarily the case. I find that the budget is only a small portion of the story when it comes to effective home design. In fact, the way you plan and execute the room is much more important than how many pounds achieved the effect.

Therefore, here are some of my best tips for creating a luxury bedroom on a budget (that shouldn’t break the bank).


Accent Pillows

An accent pillow is a powerful tool in any home decorators belt. I don’t think there’s ever a point where you can have too many pillows, though plenty of people would disagree. But, whether you have two or twenty, there’s no denying that the accent pillow can totally transform the look of your room. 

Choose something which will either be the centre of attention–with a flashy pattern to match–or understated solid colours that offset more diverse patterns elsewhere. Ideally, you should also have a few pillows which differ in size. As the variation gives a little more aesthetic interest.

 Accent pillows and wall art

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


Luxury Shades

Lampshades and overhead light shades can really transform a room. Not only because of the way they change the flow of light, but as a result of the texture and design that they offer. The trick is to choose a shade or type of lighting which is decorative but not gaudy.

For example, I have a beautiful lampshade which has a simplistic nature pattern across it. The design fits perfectly with my overall nature themed bedroom, without being too on the nose or full of frolicking animals (which would enter into gaudy territory). I picked mine up for just under £20 a lampshade, for either nightstand, so meets well within a limited budget.

And remember, don’t over complicate your design elements. An intricate lamp shade should also always be supported by a more simplistic base, think of any of the typical lampshade bases you can find in big brand furniture shops. That way the eye isn’t drawn away from the shade, it can drink in and enjoy both the design and light it gives off.

 DIY Twig Stick Nature Lampshade

Image source TheShabbyCreekCottage


Simplistic Art Work

Art is one of the better parts of a home. But, it’s made to be seen and so for that reason, you may consider simply leaving it out of the bedroom. However, your enjoyment is as important as anyone else who may be visiting the more communal areas of your home. So, don’t be afraid to let art shine in your bedroom space - even if you are the only one who will truly appreciate it.

The bedroom tends to be uncluttered and so you want your art to reflect this. Simplicity is key, both to ensure it is not too glaring an inclusion to your room nor a distracting eyesore. I enjoy a scenic nature piece or crashing waves, interesting to the eye but not over complicated.

This can also help to cut down the price tag of your prospective art. As a simplistic, less artistically challenging piece, is likely to be more affordable. Depending on where you shop; modern art can sometimes be a toilet after all.


Utilise the Nightstand

With limited furniture in the bedroom space, you need to make the most of what you do have. Which means using your nightstand as a decorative piece. Of course, this is a piece of furniture which houses your glasses, a drink of water and your ‘to be read’ pile at night. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting to look at as you do so.

Good ways to dress a nightstand in an interesting way includes good lighting, a well-decorated lamp, a nice bowl for your jewelry and even a minimalist alarm clock. These don’t have to be expensive pieces to be effective, trust me.

Make sure it has a drawer as well, so you can tuck away your books and other bits of clutter when not being used. That way, it won’t feel as overcrowded as you typically expect a nightstand to be. Although, I admit, I always end up wondering where my glasses are.

 Nightstand with accessories

Image Source Pinterest

Keep Your Bed Chique

The bed is the stand-out piece in any bedroom. It is the biggest item of furniture and where the eye draws when you step into the room, without a doubt. For that reason, it needs to be dressed to impress - even if no one will be looking at it!

Personally, I prefer simplistic sheets with little to no pattern. This speaks to the utilitarian style within me, but it also allows for more interesting patterns for the accent cushions. A unique patterned cushion on a more simplistic bed set can be really striking, so tends to be how I dress this part of my home almost exclusively.

And don’t forego comfort for style, make sure that you purchase a high-quality mattress when transforming your luxury bedroom. As even on a budget, you should consider your back and overall body health. A poor mattress can negatively affect your long-term health quite severely, so it is important to consider this.

 bed with accessories

Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels


Final Thoughts

Sometimes the way a room is dressed matters much more than the expense of the items in it. A room which has hundreds of pounds worth of stuff can still feel cheap, it’s all a matter of perspective. I find that the more thought you put into decoration, the better it turns out.

So, plan, plan and then plan some more. That way you should end up with a fabulously luxurious bedroom; without spending a small fortune!

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