Top Bespoke Furniture Trends This Year

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14 November 2018
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In the previous year, influencers and fashion designers displayed excellence, magnificence and incredible talent within the interior design sphere. The outcome of last year’s interior design works has paved way for daring & sophisticated trends for the upcoming year and beyond.

Keep reading this comprehensive content to discover current popular bespoke furniture trends that you need to know, giving you an advantage when you finally decide to get add heavily personalised furniture to your home.

Leather Living Room Sofa

When talking about the perfect combination of sophistication and comfort, the leather living room sofa's remains a great choice if you're unsure what type of furniture you want. It is an amazing addition to any home or office. 

The elegant structure of this sofa typically comes as a 3-seater sofa, they are durable due to their design and most importantly they are comfortable. It brings a touch of style, class and luxury to any interior and will do well to either blend in with the existing furniture or to act as a focal point piece in say a living room or a family room. 

Bespoke Reclining Sofas

Personalised-made reclining sofas are becoming the new model for interior furniture designs. This trendy furniture design can be found in a plethora of styles and sizes and are built for many styles of home. Operating this home interior recliner is simple. 

With the help of the lever action reclining technology, life will become easier in your apartment or property. Foam cushions are of high-resiliency and covered in thick fibre material. It offers a comfortable position and makes sleep fun with the help of the reclining mechanism. 

Luxury Armchairs

If there is a perfect and unique accent for the living room or reading nook, luxury armchairs remain a great choice. The soft fabric and comfortable scroll arms give these chairs a sophisticated look and plush. With high-density foam cushions and a tight backrest, you will get additional comfort at home. 

In the same design, users will enjoy the bolster pillows of an armchair. These chairs can also be found in several colours such as royal blue, grey, black and much more. Armchairs will help you take your study lifestyle to a whole new level. 

Smart Furniture Technology

The future is here upon us with the help of smart furniture. In the home today, it is wise to say that technology has been playing a huge part to transformation. The current rise of smart furniture is gaining traction and becoming a popular trend these days. Some smart future products come with beds and iPhone-charging lamps. 

Depending on the manufacturer of the product, you can also get more added features like furniture having talking radios, removable tables and much more. With smart furniture, the future looks bright, easy, simple and comfortable for people. 

Fitted Living Room Storage Units

Most people have a collection of visual and audio materials in their homes than normal furniture will not be contained. With the rise of fitted lounge furniture storage, it is now possible to design a unique system. This storage system will help to secure conventional items like audio and visual products with your furniture. 

The fitted lounge furniture will enable you to add shelves, drawers, CDs, DVDs and games easily. It will make everything within the space of your furniture accessible. This new trend will continue to grow because people are getting tired of having a bogus home. The fitted lounge furniture storage also comes with some additions that will work well for you in the long run. 

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